WP SMART RANK REVIEW: What it *really* is!

In this review we are going to show you what "WP Smart Rank" REALLY is! I give you a complete overview about it, insights into the members area, and all pros and cons you have to know to decide if you want to buy it or not.


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WP Smart Rank: What it really is

WP Smart Rank features a pure quality SEO video course coupled with a fully fledged WordPress plugin with seven different modules. Software and course will help you to rank.

If you want to make your website rank higher in Google or any of the web search engines that are out there, then you want to start investing in SEO. What makes websites thrive these days is the use of SEO techniques in order to garner the attention your website it deserves. Without these techniques, the majority of websites tend to fail without enough web traffic to support the website being maintained.

What WP Smart Rank teaches you is how to create a balance between On-page and off-page SEO techniques that will help you generate traffic for your website. On-page SEO refers to the work that you do that is limited to your site, such as creating professional content, using the best keywords and having an easy to use layout. Off-page SEO includes methods that are outside of your website that you have less control over, such as creating backlinks to other sites. Relying too heavily on these methods leaves the website to the mercy of other websites.

The product is a brand new video course over 2 hours of content all about bringing old domains back to life with great proof and stats to accompany the video course it has a WordPress plugin with seven different modules.

WP Smart Rank provides you with the lessons you need in order to better develop your On-page SEO techniques so that you can gain the customer attention that you deserve. Having quality content, and a webpage design that makes it easy for your users to navigate is the key to ensuring that you’re continuing to increase your conversion rate of readers into customers. However, this doesn’t mean that you should neglect your off-page SEO activities either.

The 7 modules from WP Smart Rank are:

  1. Smart RSS
  2. Smart Article
  3. Smart Content
  4. Smart Comments
  5. Smart Links
  6. Smart Social
  7. Smart Stats

The WP Smart Rank package is a video course that comes included with a WordPress plug-in that makes it easy for you to build a website and apply the skills you’ve learned from the course modules. They cover everything from creating RSS feeds of your site content, using social media to get the word out, and how to make comments that spark the interest of readers so that they’ll continue returning for more content.

In the unlikely event you have any problems with it, there will be a dedicated 6 person full-time support team.

Having your website rank better in Google or any other search engine is what every website owner strives for. Not only does it mean that you’re receiving the attention you deserve, but you’ll also be seen as a source of authoritative information. WP Smart Rank can show you how to gain that much needed web traffic, produce the best written content that you’ll need to draw the attention of your readers, and ensure that they keep coming back for more. Many people believe that it’s easy to try and accomplish this on their own, but very few of these people are actually successful. By following the steps that WP Smart Rank provides, you’ll start reaping the rewards of these easy lessons in no time and start getting the conversion rates that you deserve.

About the creators from WP Smart Rank:

They are Simon Warner and Richard Fairbairn, your tenacious team of Leading Internet Marketing Entrepreneurs. Individually; Simon has been behind over 30 JV Zoo Products of the Day and Richard has an incredibly successful track record in Internet Marketing stretching back 17 years! (Yes – 17 years!).

We are also the team behind the UK’s leading live Internet Marketing Events. Over the past 2 years their awesomely successful Marketing Summit Events have featured highly respected speakers such as Brad Goss, Peter Garety, Andy Fletcher and Paul Clifford and their events are even going international as of December 2014!

IMPORTANT: If you would need some help with WP Smart Rank after you bought it, don’t hesitate to ask me! I would be really happy to help you to start making your first few sales with it!

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Who is behind WP Smart Rank?

Simon Warner, Richard Fairbairn

WP Smart Rank Review