In this review we are going to show you what "Vortex Trader PRO" REALLY is! I give you a complete overview about it, insights into the members area, and all pros and cons you have to know to decide if you want to buy it or not.


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Do not buy Vortex Trader Pro, not until you read this comprehensive review. This is to avoid having to deal with the mistake of making a purchase you might end up regretting.

Unlike other reviews out there, I write this Vortex Trader Pro review from personal experience, I have spent my money and hundreds of hours time testing out the product.

What is Vortex Trader Pro?

It is essentially a trading software, an expert advisor or forex bot that trades for you based on a specific strategy. We’ll talk more about this strategy later.

It was developed by Doug Price, a money manager who worked at a trading firm for over a decade. His job was to produce and test various strategies as well as actively manage accounts for his clients. Vortex Trader Pro is the automation of what he considers his safest and most accurate of all his strategies.

Doug actually makes a bold claim that his software is the most accurate software on the planet. Anyone can make claims but whether or not it’s true is another thing.

Surprisingly, the software was found to be accurate 95% of the time in my tests. A claim I have found to be true in my live testing of the software. In my testing, the software made 208 trades, of which it was right a staggering 199 times. Read that again: the software only made 9 loses and was correct 199 times out of 208 trades. This is my trading experience.

Now the software racks up an impressive win rate, but does this win rate actually translate to actual profits? The forex market is filled with several software that make a lot of winning trades but end up losing money in the long run…
I found out that again the software lived up to expectation. It raked in a staggering 1400% in profits in just over 2years of trading with it. A claim that is verifiable by respected 3rd party forex statistics site myfxbook.com.

In the world of forex software, you should be aware that a lot of software/signal providers like to provide back testing results that they’ve beautifully “curve-fitted” to show accurate results, however these software are notorious failures in live trading. A $200 account I traded solely with this software was turned into a $450 account after just 1 month of trading, representing a ROI of over 100% in a month.

Curious, to find out how this software does its job, I sent an email out to Doug hoping he could explain what makes the software tick and I was pleased. Not only did I get an immediate reply from Doug himself, but I discovered why the software actually works. The software makes its trades based on simple strategies that combine times tested forex principles. Specifically it makes use of support/resistance, trends, candle stick patterns and price action together with a combination of selected indicators applied in a particular combination and settings for ach currency pair.

I was worried that this software like many others before it will perform well at first before fizzling out. But I learned that this software is here to stay and will continue providing laser accurate trades like it has been. This is due to several reasons:

  • First off, the strategy is Doug’s safest which he has been using for several years. Vortex Trader Pro has been used for over 2 years privately and is now only just released to the market.
  • The software is not a scalper, a grid or martingale system. The first point about not being a scalper is important. The problem with scalping is that brokers do not like them and learn to recognize the system and work gains it. This is what is responsible for these systems working at first and then dying out. With Vortex Trader Pro this will not happen as it is not a scalper.
  • Doug is constantly improving on the software. Members get lifetime updates so as the market changes so does the software.
  • A number of safety features have been built into the software including profit protection system, auto money management so you can trade it with confidence.

Having said that let me tell you the part you may not want to hear but you have to:

Cons of Vortex Trader Pro

  • With this software, patience is key. The software does not make many trades, however when it does pull the trigger you can be sure it will be accurate. Personally I don’t see the bother here, you do not have to trade for just trading sake. Trade only when it’s right to do so and the chances of your success is high. If you have itchy fingers and feel the need to trade all the time, then this software might not be for you.
  • Although the software can be traded from your computer, you’re better off trading it from a VPS server. This is so you get the maximum benefit from the software. So you will have to consider the extra cost of getting one. Fortunately, VPS prices are very low (about 10 bucks) and the profits from the software will more than cover the cost of the VPS. In the members’ area a list of VPS providers is given for you to pick from.
  • The software is pricey. At $799 it is not cheap but then anything this good should not come cheap either. Fortunately Doug has provided a solution in allowing for 3 monthly easier payments of $347. You are also backed by a 60 day money back guarantee so you have nothing to lose trying it out for this period.
  • Limited quantities are available. Doug will soon close the gates on this offer. This is because when you’re paying nearly $800 you deserve quality support and in order to give you that support the number of people being supported has to be at a manageable level.

I wholeheartedly recommend you take advantage of this offer and get Vortex Trader Pro – I personally really love it, and you will too. If you don’t like it, you will get every penny back, so it’s totally riskfree.

IMPORTANT: If you would need some help with Vortex Trader PRO after you bought it, don’t hesitate to ask me! I would be really happy to help you to start making your first bucks with it!

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