SENUKE XCR REVIEW: The truth about the newest SEnuke software

In this review we are going to show you what "SENuke XCr" REALLY is! I give you a complete overview about it, insights into the members area, and all pros and cons you have to know to decide if you want to buy it or not.


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    Yes, 100% "no questions asked"-guarantee
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SEnuke XCr Review: If you have been using the best link building device and extremely effective “SEnuke X”, then you would definitely find the latest version of this SEO software called “SEnuke XCr” astoundingly better. With the great additions that were included in the SEnuke X version, it is plain to see the reason why renaming and re-labeling is essential. With the launching date in September, you’d certainly want to know what those refinements are.

SENuke XCr review logoGiven the introductions by Google of the Penguin and Panda sets of rules, numerous webmasters had definitely suffered, because these new procedures require new tools and updates in order to provide a functional SEO system. With the new elements added to XCr, SEO professionals, webmasters, and online marketers now have beneficial software that will help them deal with those changes.

The range and variety of those improvements are truly astonishing. SEnuke XCr can create backlinks using more extensive platforms, help websites overflow with direct traffic, and make your site appear on search engine’s first page much faster. The producers will offer a 14-day trial period for free and you will witness and experience firsthand why the link building programs in SEnuke XCr are better than any SEO tools being offered today.

Here is an overview of the refinements and inclusions that make SEnuke XCr better and far more effective that you will certainly join this latest offer.

SEnuke XCr – Overview And New Features:

Simple and Convenient Macro Recorder

The SEnuke XCr features an easy-to-use macro recorder that allows users to add any website in the web, customize it in every building block that SEnuke maintains. It doesn’t matter if these websites have different platforms, this new and cool feature will let you add the websites yourself without any restrictions. Better yet, code writing is so unnecessary so you can do the work yourself with just a few simple clicks.

Faster Turbo Wizard

Users of the “old” SEnuke X love its turbo wizard feature. The only complaint is that the wizard takes around 15 to 30 minutes every time it sets up. But this is so inconvenient especially if you only want to input keywords or URL and that’s it. With XCr’s 30-second wizard, the process is now much faster and less time-consuming.

New Four Modules Included

You can now build better and expand your link building capabilities with the following new modules:

  1. Wiki Module: allows you to not only send hundreds of wiki websites but also to include your personal list of wiki platform-using sites
  2. Google Places Module: a useful module for owners of local businesses and people who are doing SEO works for them
  3. PDF Module: converts files to PDF files automatically
  4. WordPress Module: allows you to send your blogs to WordPress from SEnuke site

Xindexer 2 Launch

Experience improved features like total automation, a new and better dashboard, weekly checks on links and index, and customized subscription packages without monthly payments.

Still Secret Feature

The most important and breathtaking feature of XCr is still unmentionable yet, or at least until a few days before launch, due to competitive reasons. But here are some clues to whet your curiosity: you cannot find it with any other SEO software in the market; people may not be aware of it but they are definitely waiting for something like this; and lastly, if you have a clue what “Cr” means in SEnuke XCr means, then you may already have a good idea about this new feature.

  • campaigns can be created within 2 minutes with Turbo Wizard
  • a lot of different backlinks (Social Networks, Wiki, Forum-Profiles, PDF-s, etc.)
  • you can add new sites (for example forums), where backlinks should be created
  • further expenses for captchas
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